Farm App

Virtual Farm tractorThe PLAID Virtual Farm App  has been created by students at the Abertay University, currently studying for a masters in Gaming Technology, in conjunction with staff at The James Hutton Institute, for the European funded project PLAID which is interested in demonstration farms across Europe.

During research for the farm demonstration Inventory it has become apparent that access to demonstration can, in some cases, be limited due to problems with access. The project therefore is investigating ways of increasing access to on-farm demonstration, one way is by Virtual demonstrations. The students have developed a Farm platform, which is a virtual walk through environment of a typical farm this can be accessed both on the web or with a virtual reality (Cardboard) headset. Within the virtual reality environment it will be possible to access videos of innovations filmed in both standard video and 360o degree video. These videos showcase farming innovations in use around the farm. If you are interested in taking a closer look at this work please use the link to the APK file to access the Virtual Farm.

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