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Instituto Navarro De Tecnologias E Infraestructuras Agrolimentarias INTIA

The Institute for Agrifood Technology and Infrastructures of Navarra (INTIA) is a public company attached to the Department of Rural Development, Environment and Local Administration of the Government of Navarra, Spain. 

INTIA was created recently (2011), integrating four already existing public companies related to the agrifood sector in Navarra. The oldest ones, ITGA and ITGG, were created 35 years ago to offer training and advisory services on agriculture and livestock, working together a team of advisors, with another team of technical experts responsible of diverse programs of R&D and on farm experimentation.

Currently, there are 21 technicians in INTIA advising farmers, and there are 6700 farmers who have freely contracted some of the diverse advice services.

The relationship between technicians and farmers is very fluent and is based on the confidence that the advice is well adapted to the farmer’s particular conditions and is independent of commercial constraints.