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Work Packages

WP1 Project Management and Coordination

Work Package Leader Lee-Ann Sutherland, The James Hutton Institute This WP is designed to actively ensure the smooth coordination of all activities, timely implementation of the project and efficient fulfilment of administrative requirements (e.g. reporting). Read More

WP2 Practice-based Conceptual Framework and Typology Development

Work Package Leader Rob Burton, Ruralis To date, there is no established conceptual framework for understanding how demonstration farms promote peer-to-peer learning, or how current demonstration methods and tools can mediate this process. The overall objective of this WP is to assess what is already known about on-farm demonstration, developing a conceptual framework and draft typology for use in subsequent WPs. This will be up-dated in response to project findings and finalised by project conclusion. Read More

WP3 Geo-referenced Inventory and Map

Work Package Leader Lee-Ann Sutherland, The James Hutton Institute This WP is responsible for collecting, collating and disseminating the inventory of agricultural demonstration farms, networks/supporting organisation in the EU 28, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland. Data will be made publically available through an on-line map with a searchable database. Read More

WP4 Increasing Access Through Virtual Demonstration

Work Package Leader Dimitar Vanev, National Agricultural Advisory Service The objective of WP4 is to develop and assess on-line solutions for expanding the outreach of demonstration activities on commercial farms. The focus is on enabling commercial farmers to undertake 'virtual demonstration', using audio-visual tools. The WP represents a pilot effort to develop the approach, intended for broader implementation in RUR-12-2017. Read More

WP5 Case-studies of Demonstration Activities on Commercial farms

Work Package Leaders Boelie Elzen and Frank Wijnands, Wageningen The overall objective of WP5 is to undertake in-depth assessments of the processes involved in achieving efficient and effective on-farm demonstration activities. This will be achieved through 24 year-long studies of demonstration events and activities, which follow demonstration from initial commissioning through to impact assessment. The cases will be those located on commercial farms. Read More

WP6 Governance, Good Practice Recommendations and Decision-support Tools

Work Package Leader Marleen Gysen,  Innovatiesteunpunt This WP will integrate project findings to produce overall recommendations, best practice guidelines and specific tools for target audiences, undertaken through consultation with a wide variety of agricultural industry members and stakeholders. Particular attention will be paid to the financing and governance of demonstrations embedded in a regional or national AKIS the associated influence on activities undertaken. Read More

WP7 Stakeholder Engagement and Dissemination of PLAID Outputs

Work Package Leaders Mathilde Van Den Broek and Anne-Charlotte Dockes IDELE The overall objective of this WP is to foster and enable innovation in demonstration through communication and stakeholder involvement throughout the project. PLAID is based on collaborative development of project activities and outputs; many activities are thus located in other WPs and summarised here. Read More

WP8 Ethics Requirements

Work Package Leader Claire Hardy, The James Hutton Institute The objective is to ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' of the European Union, for H2020 funded project,s and the partner organisations. Read More