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WP6 Governance, Good Practice Recommendations and Decision-support Tools

Work Package Leader Marleen Gysen,  Innovatiesteunpunt

This WP will integrate project findings to produce overall recommendations, best practice guidelines and specific tools for target audiences, undertaken through consultation with a wide variety of agricultural industry members and stakeholders. Particular attention will be paid to the financing and governance of demonstrations embedded in a regional or national AKIS the associated influence on activities undertaken.

The specific objectives of WP6 are:

  • To develop a framework for integrated assessment of all project results, based on the project conceptual framework (WP2).
  • To critically evaluate the governance and financing options for demonstration activities, assessing how these impact on organisation, access, topic, and how farmers learn through these activities.
  • To develop best practice recommendations based on integrated assessment and critical evaluation for targeted stakeholders, including farmer organizations, input suppliers (equipment, agrochemicals, seeds, feed), food processing industry, advisory services, policy-makers at various levels.
  • To develop a set of decision-support tools based on indicators of best practice for farmers, advisors, commercial companies, charities and researchers involved in on-farm demonstration.

Task Descriptors

T6.1 Synthesise PLAID findings on best practices and policy recommendations ISP

T6.2 Develop decision-support tools ISP

T6.3 Validation and dissemination of recommendations, best practices and decision-support tools HUT