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Further information

Innovatiesteunpunt ISP

Innovatiesteunpunt (ISP), Innovation Support Center for Agricultural and Rural Development is situated in Flanders, the Dutch speaking northern part of Belgium.

Our mission is to inform and inspire farmers about new challenges and opportunities and to support them with the development and implementation of concrete projects. We reach this mission is by

  • Coaching farmers with the development of early innovation projects and grassroots ideas
  • Providing answers to individual questions
  • Giving standard support on general themes
  • Support farmers with the implementation of partnerships
  • Using different types of learning modules
  • Organizing study events and training sessions on social, strategic and technical innovation
  • Publishing articles in specialized magazines, E-zines and on our website

Our team consists of 15 innovation consultants and most of our activities are project based. We permanently work on more than 30 European or national funded innovation projects.

The Innovation Support Center for Agricultural and Rural Development is embedded in Boerenbond & Landelijke Gilden, the conglomerate of the largest farmers organisation and the rural organisation in Flanders. This close connection gives us access to a large network of members of Boerenbond & Landelijke Gilden members and the knowledge and expertise of their consultants and allows us to deliver our innovation projects in the most effective way.