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WP5 Case-studies of Demonstration Activities on Commercial farms

Work Package Leaders Boelie Elzen and Frank Wijnands, Wageningen

The overall objective of WP5 is to undertake in-depth assessments of the processes involved in achieving efficient and effective on-farm demonstration activities. This will be achieved through 24 year-long studies of demonstration events and activities, which follow demonstration from initial commissioning through to impact assessment. The cases will be those located on commercial farms.

The specific objectives of WP5 are:

  • To develop a methodology to analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of demonstration activities in terms of organisation, learning and impact, based on the PLAID conceptual framework (WP2).
  • Improved understanding of the key elements that contribute to successful and effective demonstration activities on commercial farms, looking specifically at: commissioning and financing, topic selection, accessibility, mediation techniques, and embeddedness. Gender will be specifically addressed.
  • Improved understanding of the effectiveness of demonstration activities in terms of learning by participants (at the individual level and the network level: what is learned, by whom, how and why?) and the subsequent impact (i.e. actual implementation of what farmers have learned on their own farm, new network development, innovation inception).
  • Assess the role of demonstration within wider AKIS systems and what the impact of demonstration is on learning and technology adoption
  • Develop insights into critical success factors, best (and poor) practices, and indicators for effective and successful demonstration activities.

Provide materials for analysis of governance and best practice recommendations in WP6.

Task Descriptors

T5.1 Methodology development and pilot testing WUR

T5.2 Case selection INTIA

T5.3 Conduct 24 case studies WUR

T5.4 Pan European meetings for validation and co-learning Arvalis

T5.5 Synthesis and recommendations WUR

T5.6 Production of summary materials and videos Idele