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WP7 Stakeholder Engagement and Dissemination of PLAID Outputs

Work Package Leaders Mathilde Van Den Broek and Anne-Charlotte Dockes IDELE

The overall objective of this WP is to foster and enable innovation in demonstration through communication and stakeholder involvement throughout the project. PLAID is based on collaborative development of project activities and outputs; many activities are thus located in other WPs and summarised here.

The specific objectives of  WP7 are:

  • To set-up an efficient and effective dissemination plan
  • To ensure collaboration and dissemination to a wide range of actors and stakeholders
  • To link with the EIP landscape
  • To clarify and prioritise the knowledge needs of the RUR-12-2017

Task Descriptors

T7.1 Develop and up-date dissemination plan and tools. Idele

T7.2 Publication and dissemination of results, tools and best practices. Idele

T7.3 Consultation and validation of PLAID outputs at multiple levels. Idele

T7.4 Interactions with EIP Landscape and RUR-12-2017 HUT