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Further information

WP1 Project Management and Coordination

Work Package Leader Lee-Ann Sutherland, The James Hutton Institute

This WP is designed to actively ensure the smooth coordination of all activities, timely implementation of the project and efficient fulfilment of administrative requirements (e.g. reporting).

The specific objectives of WP1 are:

  • To ensure the timely and efficient completion of PLAID tasks and deliverables; undertake quality assurance and ensure outputs occur within budget
  • To develop an effective and ethical data management plan, including Intellectual Property Rights
  • To enable an ongoing communication flow with the European Commission (EC)
  • To support all WP leads and co-leads in the planning and implementation of individual WPs
  • To assure the high quality of outputs, in terms of their analytical content, quality and readability, and appropriateness for target audiences
  • To ensure effective collaboration with AgriDemoF2F

Task Descriptors

T1.1 Administrative and financial support to the project. HUT

T1.2 Develop a Data Management Plan and participate in pilot open Access to Research Data. HUT

T1.3 Establish and up-date project web-site. HUT

T1.4 Reporting and presenting on project activities, findings and outputs. HUT

T1.5 Communication and collaroation within the consortium. HUT

T1.6 Collaboration with AgriDemoF2F. HUT