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Further information

WP3 Geo-referenced Inventory and Map

Work Package Leader Lee-Ann Sutherland, The James Hutton Institute

This WP is responsible for collecting, collating and disseminating the inventory of agricultural demonstration farms, networks/supporting organisation in the EU 28, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland. Data will be made publically available through an on-line map with a searchable database.

The specific objectives of WP3 are:

  • To design a template and analytical protocol for capturing and categorising on-farm demonstration activities, demonstration farms and demonstration networks, based on the conceptual framework.
  • To compile a comprehensive georeferenced inventory of on-farm demonstration activities and demonstration farms and associated network-supporting organisations in 30 countries.
  • To produce a searchable data-base linked to an interactive on-line map

To produce and disseminate summary materials on demonstration activities, farms and networks and their characteristics, at national, supra-regional and European levels.

Task Descriptors

T3.1 Develop the analytical structure for the inventory HUT

T3.2 Creation of searchable data base HUT

T3.3 Compile data for an inventory of 30 EU countries HUT

T3.4 Synthesis and Dissemination APCA