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WP4 Increasing Access Through Virtual Demonstration

Work Package Leader Dimitar Vanev, National Agricultural Advisory Service

The objective of WP4 is to develop and assess on-line solutions for expanding the outreach of demonstration activities on commercial farms. The focus is on enabling commercial farmers to undertake 'virtual demonstration', using audio-visual tools. The WP represents a pilot effort to develop the approach, intended for broader implementation in RUR-12-2017.

The specific objectives of WP4 are:

  • To analyse the potential and best practice of audio-visual media to extend the outreach of demonstration activities.
  • To establish 14 virtual demonstration farms across the UK, Bulgaria and Switzerland.
  • To enable commercial farmers to lead virtual demonstration activities on their own farms.

To develop and disseminate recommendations on good practice in virtual demonstration.

Task Descriptors

T4.1 Analyse existing practices and develop WP protocol NAAS

T4.2 Establish pilot virtual demonstration farms in the UK, Bulgaria and Switzerland LEAF

T4.3 Support farmers to develop their own virtual material FiBL

T4.4 Stakeholder collaboration and dissemination of 'virtual demonstration activities' NAAS

T4.5 Develop training materials and best practice guidelines HUT