Garden Tiger Moth photographed by Gabor Pozsgai ©This site is no longer being updated.

We have retained it as a reference for future research.

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Knowledge is the most powerful tool to produce wine: it is fundamental to enhance quality development, profit and sustainability. Knowledge is the only tool we have that we can share with others without being deprived: by sharing our knowledge, in fact, we multiply it to the benefit of all parts.

Our mission is to break down any barriers - whether they are space, time, language or economic ones - to the free technical information exchange about wine.

We look for scientific and practical news from all over the world and then we make it available to agronomists and enologists.

To this purpose, we make use of all available tools to promote the sharing of information among the different categories of wine specialists: from classic conferences to webinars and internet tools, study trips, written articles, audiovideos, translations from and into different languages and surveys.