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Subcontracts for Inventory collection for Czech Republic and Estonia


We have  launched the tender specification for subcontracts to complete the national inventories of demonstration farms in countries where PLAID and AgriDemo do not have consortium members (Czech Republic and Estonia).  The document specifies the tasks to be performed, value of the different contracts, and associated time scales. 

  • The purpose of the tenders in each country is thus to identify and compile information on a comprehensive range of organisers of agricultural demonstration activities.For these purposes, ‘demonstration activities’ range from one-off ‘field day’ events established by input suppliers; to multi-year ‘monitor farms’ where farmers, advisors andindustry members come together at regular intervals to assess farming opportunities in situ; to permanent ‘research farms’ where researchers demonstrate cutting edge technologies and approaches.Increasingly, farmers themselves are opening up their farms for engagement with their peers and the general public as part of business development strategies (e.g. short food supply chains, community supported agriculture), using both traditional and new virtual ‘on-line’ methods.

 Please note the tenders submission deadline 6 September 2017.