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Adrien Guichaoua

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Adrien Guichaoua (ACTA) is a Research and Innovation Program Coordinator and Policy Officer. He heads the European and Regional Affairs at ACTA from 2012. Graduated in Policy Science, he is an expert on Innovation policies related to the agricultural sector and a key actor in the implementation of the EIP “Productive and sustainable Agriculture” in France and Europe. He’s chairman of the SCAR Strategic Working Group on Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS), member of the Innovation Sub-group of the European Network for Rural Development and French National Contact Point for Horizon2020 Societal Challenge 2. He participates to several of the key projects on Innovation in Agriculture from the launching of H2020 (AGRISPIN, SMART AKIS, INNO4GRASS,....). Over the past 8 years, he coordinated several Research and Innovation programs for the French National Research Agency (ANR) and for the National Institute for Agricultural research (INRA).

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