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Presentation Genvce

This event will continue to allow the demonstration of innovations relating to the planting of winter crops.

  • Testing new varieties cereals, oilseeds, legumes
  • Different cultivation techniques
  • Plant material including seed doses, fertilizer, planting dates, fungicides and herbicides application
  • Precision agriculture, including ground, air and spray sensors
  • Plant disease including yellow rust, brown rust of wheat, barley, oats and beans

The event, as well as having a well structured programme, will allow the opportunity to request specific thematic tours. The event is open to agriculture and technical personnel as well as students both academically and vocationally trained.


Pamplona-Orkoien Navarra Orkoien
42° 49' 26.0004" N, 1° 41' 57.0012" W
Start date: 
24th May 2017 to 25th May 2017
Pamplona-Orkoien Navarra
Latitude: 42.823889 / Longitude: -1.699167