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The new TP Organics brochure

The new TP Organics brochure highlights four examples of organic Operational Groups from four different countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Austria). Organic farmers are very dedicated to engage in participatory research & innovation and eager to take part in Operational Groups. This is clear from the numbers. More than 10% of Operational Groups that started so far – 40 out of 300 – are dealing with organic farming. Yet, three of the groups mentioned in the brochure also include conventional farmers. All groups in the brochure produce outcomes that are relevant beyond organics, that is for the whole agri-food sector.

Operational Groups are the EIP-AGRI’s (European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability) main tool to detect innovative responses to concrete problems of farmers and to turn them into practical use. Operational Groups are funded under the Rural Development Programmes of Member States and regions.

The brochure has two messages. First, managing authorities of Rural Development Programmes should know that investing in organic farming generates innovative solutions that will improve the sustainability of the whole agricultural sector. With the majority of the expected 3218 Operational Groups still to be selected, Member States and regions should prioritise Operational Groups that work on the basis of organic principles and stimulate exchange between organic and conventional farming.

Second, organic farmers should know that Operational Group funding is available to them. The examples in this brochure show that organic farmers have already successfully applied for funding. In all examples, organic farmers had a strong stake in building the Operational Group, which is essential for their success.

Only four Operational Groups are showcased in this brochure, but many more are listed in the Innovation Arena of the TP Organics’ website. TP Organics is continuously collecting descriptions of Operational Groups dealing with organic farming. If you want your Operational Group to be included in the Innovation Arena, download and complete the description template and send it to

In annex of the brochure is a list of all National Rural Networks for those who want to find out more about implementation rules of Operational Groups in their country or region.

Read the brochure Innovating for organics – Organic agriculture in EIP-AGRI Operational Groups

Publish Date: 
29th September 2017